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The Post-Racial NFL Locker Room

In Obama’s so called “post-racial America,” there’s a new twist on an old problem: Racism…among black, professional athletes…toward each other. If we were to search NFL locker rooms, would we find racial harmony? Even among the black players? Easy answer. »

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Al Sharpton Doesn’t Speak Canadian

Does Al Sharpton need a refresher course in seventh grade Geography? Or is he auditioning for veep? Has he campaigned in all 57 states, “one left to go”?   Politics Nation with Al Sharpton airs on MSNBC. If you don’t »

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Houston: Stand Down!

Houston: Stand Down! On Wednesday, Peter Kirsanow, U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner, issued a formal letter to Houston Major Annise Parker, asking her to withdraw the city’s subpoenas for 17 different forms of communications from five different area pastors. The hubbub started back in »

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