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SEC Bucks TCU out of Top 4

SEC Bucks TCU out of Top 4 The Buckeyes and TCU may not be the only teams right now that feel jaded by the playoff committee. Florida State is currently holding on to a 26-game winning streak, and has been »

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Border State Governors Respond to Obama’s Fiat Amnesty

Featured image meme by P-G Matuszak using public domain and Wiki Commons photos.

Conservative border state governors respond to Obama’s fiat amnesty with sentiments similar to Ted Cruz’s “Cicero” speech.

Senator Ted Cruz made his remarks just hours before Obama’s speech. His message is clear, “the wisdom of Cicero is timeless” and the unlawful fiat actions of a would-be tyrant won’t be tolerated. It’s the same sentiment Alexander Hamilton writing as Publius expressed in Federalist 69. Cruz promises that the Senate will respond decisively.

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