First Came The Promotion of American Jobs …

Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame had the audacity to record a commercial for Walmart. The spot is about reinvigorating American manufacturing and Walmart’s promise to purchase $250,000,000,000 –two hundred and fifty billion dollars!– worth of American made goods over the next ten years. Mix Mike Rowe, Walmart and the celebration of hard work and then watch the hate flow. Yeah, you will be annoyed, but you will love how Rowe responds.

Here is the commercial, narrated by Mike.

Then came the idiocy …

Here is some of the hate, fresh from Mike’s Facebook Page.

Sean Murray says,

        “I thought you were good person. But I just saw your AD that WAL-MART paid for. Your a corporate suck, Rowe.”

Then came Mike Rowe, all muscled-up from hard work and keen of mind like the self-made millionaire he is …

Mike Rowe can still lay down some intellectual whoop-ass, even half naked in filth

Mike Rowe can still lay down some intellectual whoop-ass, even half naked in filth

Then, we fell in a deep, dude love for Mike Rowe. Check out his absolutely stellar response and then click over and like his Facebook page, where you will find Mike’s amazingly patient, logical and correct responses to the train load of stupid that landed itself on Mike’s page–here is a tiny sampling as Mike Rowe responds to Sean.

Well hi there, Sean. From ‘good person’ to corporate suck in 60 seconds! That’s gotta be a record! Let me explain something. Better sit down, as the truth may shock you. Ready? I make my living on commercial television. Not television. COMMERCIAL television.

         That means I appear in television shows with commercials, paid for by corporations. I also produce television shows with commercials, paid for by corporations. I sometimes narrate television shows with commercials, paid for by corporations. And occasionally, I appear in the television commercials themselves, also paid for by corporations. No matter what your job is Sean, if you work in commercial television, the money all flows from the same place. And no – it’s not the advertisers or the corporations that pay the bills. It’s you, Sean. The viewer. Just like the customer in a Walmart, the viewer on the sofa programs the airwaves by deciding what to watch and what to buy. In other words, you’re the boss.

         Don’t get me wrong – I would never imply that your decision to watch a Corporate Spectacle like the International Olympic Games on a Global Network owned by one of the largest Conglomerates on Planet Earth makes you a “corporate suck.” But I might wonder – given the purity of your own position – why you ever liked me in the first place.

         (To be fair, I got my start on a home shopping channel, selling crap in the middle of the night to a narcoleptic crowd of nocturnal lonely-hearts, so I’ve had 25 years to get comfortable with the parasitical nature of my professional identity. Perhaps you’re just getting started?)

Oh, Yeah … The Part About A Shrinking America

When Americans can get their man-panties in a bunch because a working man promotes work, America is really shrinking. Nations that don’t value work, that mock it and deride are nations on their way to the fast flush. But, folks like Sean and others who make fun of hard work should shock exactly no one. After all, our own President’s political party–the one over which he has 100% control–says the greatest thing about ObamaCare is that more people can now quit work and sponge off of their neighbors.

From Americans for Prosperity a "shadowy conservative group" who is so "shadowy" they run memes with their logos on them.

From Americans for Prosperity a “shadowy conservative group” who is so “shadowy” they run memes with their logos on them.


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  1. […] What happened to Mike Rowe is not an accident and it has nothing to do with him. It is about Walmart. The left has targeted Walmart; it has programmed its followers to hate Walmart and to dehumanize its executives not because the leaders of The Left actually believe Walmart is evil or even bad, but because the Leaders of The Left are using Walmart as both an example and an experiment. The example is to demonstrate what The Left can and will do to a company that does not bow down to shakedowns from leftists political groups; the experiment is to determine if that pressure can eventually force Walmart to accept forced unionization of its workforce. Mike Rowe stepped into The Left’s targeting, isolating and cutting of from its support base of Walmart. Now, the helpful idiocy of the leaders of The Left is going after him. […]