Rep Blake Farenthold Offers Bill to Deny Eric Holder his Paycheck

Rep Blake Farenthold Offers Bill to Deny Eric Holder his Paycheck


Rep Blake Farenthold, who refused to question Eric Holder last week, believing that since Holder was in contempt of the House, he has no place in the government, has now offered up a bill to reduce Holder’s pay to nothing.  This may sound a little bizarre, but it has been done many times before, mostly with people who were appointed via recess appointments.  Farenthold announced the bill just before the recess.

“The American people should not be footing the bill for federal employees who stonewall Congress or rewarding government officials’ bad behavior.”

Holder appeared before congress last week and bristled at the fact that lawmakers were calling him out for being corrupt.  The Department of Justice has been withholding vital information from congress on the gun running scandal, Fast and Furious, not to be confused with the School Lunch program’s founder the Fat and Furious.

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The Obama administration allowed guns to walk into Mexico, that have now killed at least over 200 people, including US Border Control Agent Brian Terry.  The agents in charge of the program lost track of 1700 guns including assault rifles, in a poorly planned operation.

Obama claims he knew nothing about the program until he saw it on TV which is a lie.  He watches MSNBC, ABC, CNN, and ABC and none of them have even mentioned the scandal.  Holder was supposed to turn over subpoenaed evidence but Obama declared Executive Privilege.  For those of you that may not know it, Executive Privilege exists to protect confidential communications between the president and his advisers. Which means Obama had to know about the operation or he could not claim Executive Privilege, unless he knew about5 Fast and Furious.

Also, little known is the fact that Obama’s claim of Executive Privilege is not absolute and a case is slowly winding it’s way through the courts challenging the claim of EP.  Just ask Richard Nixon, who lost his battle to keep documents secret, that eventually led to his resignation from office.  Obama and Holder tried to get that case tossed out of court but the judge refused.

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